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Trade Investment Property

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Low-cost, simple, and more powerful than ever, Estates Cryptoproperty is built to assist investors invest smarter. With Estates Cryptoproperty, you can invest in a diversified, low-cost portfolio of institutional-quality. We combine in-house expertise with state-of-the-art expertise to reduce fees and amplify your long-term return potential in an investment property.

Traditionally, residential investment property has been one of the most sought-after asset classes for expert investors – now it is available to you!

We can help you invest in a residential or commercial investment property.

Smarter diversification: With private crypto property, you can now diversify outside of the public markets, enabling you to improve stability and reduce risk.

Institutional quality with low fees: Your bottom line is affected by the fees you pay. Our proprietary software assists us in reducing costs, meaning we can charge lower fees so you can amplify your returns.

Flexible investment minimums: In contrast to most private real estate investments, our low minimums offer you the flexibility to invest at the right time, the right amount, to meet your goals.

Convenience you would want from a modern investment platform: Through our easy-to-use website, invest and manage your portfolio. Monitor your performance and watch as properties across the nation are operated, improved, and acquired through dynamic asset updates.

 Our assets drive your returns. We pair our expertise and extensive network with our investor community's collecting buying power to get high-quality assets ranging from equity to debt, residential to commercial, and more.

We follow a "value investing" strategy of getting assets for less than what we believe is their intrinsic value and usually less than their replacement cost. Our team then works to increase the every asset over time through hands-on management and in partnership with local operators.

We've specifically built the Estates Cryptoproperty portfolio to be able to sustain prolonged periods of economic downturn. It's impossible to guarantee anything, but because of our extensive underwriting processes and conservative approach, we believe the Estates Cryptoproperty portfolio is, from the standpoint of risk-adjusted return, well-positioned to withstand severe economic distress.

Want to invest in digital property? Perfect. Estates Cryptoproperty has got you covered! Sign up now. Signing up with Estates Cryptoproperty is simple and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.