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FAQ & Screenshots

You have questions about your investments: here are the answers.

You want to discover the tools to invest: here are the main screenshots.


  1. What is a cryptoproperty?
  2. It is a protected code-blockchain with information on it regarding time, functionality, unique nume¬ration, generation history and traffic as well as other specific functions attach to it. It's a onetime forward print code that cannot be reproduced again like the history of transaction generation etc. constitutes part of its unique body and id. It is a ledger system with a transaction hx attach to it.

  3. How I log in and effectively operate this website?
  4. When you want to invest in Estatescryptoproperty.com, run your browser of choice like 'Google Chrome', 'Opera', 'New Edge' or 'Safari'; log into your Money Button account first, keep it open and go to your same browser and open a new thumbnail or search screen to log into our website estatescryptoproperty.com(keeping both websites active, moneybutton.com and estatescryptoproperty.com within the same search browser). It will appear in different screens on your computer or phone and different windows or thumbnails but online wise both will be active within the same browser so will communicate each other as one in real time.

  5. What is a Free Open E-property Investment Market?
  6. It means, it is open to everyone (not pre¬requisites), not minimum deposits, special investors status or class, not charges for placing orders into it, free entry and exit at will. You don't have to believe us but do test and trials with negligent amount of Bitcoin SV or other cryptocurrencies accepted by moneybutton.com

  7. What is in there of benefit to the owners?
  8. Our catch is only a fee of 0.001% from profits realized after every successful transaction only. Meaning the ones which generates positive income to our investors only, in other words if you don't profit, we neither. Otherwise you are not billed. You can come in and out of the market, cancel, reorder or reenter freely (this does not include fees from third parties).

    In Real Estate section we have not define yet a percentage of profits for investors, this is an uncharted territory at this moment, there are rates conversions, dealing with fiat money plus real estate 21 days to a month period transaction among other old fashion market investment situations. We will change and actualize this information as soon as it becomes available to us.

  9. What is the limit of cryptoproperty you can generate?
  10. The limit is the sky!. There is not limit for wealth in our systems and minds! Welcome to Estatescryptoproperty.com

  11. How would you generate value for your E-property?
  12. We place our value in technology, a truly free market laws unmanipulated by a few, human desire for profits among others economic and social laws, reflecting expansion, abundance and unlimited wealth, not contractions by scarcity or debt/credit cycles with instability, runs and drops with fake peaks followed by deep depressions at the end. Participants give value to their assets just by transacting among each other without external manipulation. (not one dictates how much you should earn).

  13. How can I get my money back?
  14. Using the same third party to place your money in. You will pay a fee for the transaction to this third party and your bank account will be credited back.

    In most cases you will need to open a cryptocurrency wallet and from there transfer Bitcoin SV (BSV) to moneybutton.com which is another wallet with amazing payment capabilities added to it, that allows us to pay you back your realize profits after you invest in our website, like not one else, will allow you to do so.

    Check this third-party information. At this moment we are using moneybutton.com

    We use cryptocurrency BSV for our open free market concept, there is not other solution than cryptocurrency to achieve our goals.

  15. How can I invest in this company?
  16. Log in, follow the instructions and fill out your information in. After this you can go to BSV Box tab on main menu, this directs you to Money Pay button creation box, follow the instructions from there, basically you will have to fill more of your personal information for this secure third party, after this is complete you can transfer crypto Bitcoin SV from your wallet to moneybutton.com and transfer your BSV to our website, deposit into your box from where you can decide how much and when to invest. This company differ extraordinary from the rest of the investment world including Wallstreet and other markets in respect to placing investors interest first ("investors are more important than profits") by automatic transaction protection. Our Matrix (on automatic mode) doesn't allow you to lose, only win every time. And yes, contrary to the believe it is impossible, it is mathematically sustainable.

  17. How to pay in BSV (Bitcoin SV)?
  18. Log into moneybutton.com and follow the prompts. You have to create your own payment button inside our website. After everything is set don't forget to work with both websites open in the same browser.

  19. How can we pay to invest?
    1. Create or open your Bitcoin SV (BSV cryptocurrency) wallet account with some of the market leaders.

    2. Create an account in Money Button Company (www.moneybutton.com) in BSV (Bitcoin SV).

    3. Transfer the amount you want from your wallet account to your Money Button account.

    4. When you want to invest in Estatescryptoproperty.com, run your browser of choice like 'Google Chrome', 'Opera', New Edge or Safari; log into your Money Button account keep it open and go to your same browser and open a new thumbnail or search screen to log into our website(keeping both websites moneybutton.com and estatescryptoproperty.com within the same search browser).

    5. In our website, hit 'BSV Box' in the main menu then press 'Invest Now'.

    6. Enter the amount you want in the 'Invest' button once you have created it and move the round blue circle inside button to the right. That's all!

    7. You can do manual "buy and sell" but we strongly recommend you use automatic mode, this is a total free market, enjoy and do the best you can.

  20. What is BSV Box exactly?
  21. BSV Box is the Bitcoin-SV port of entry to our website. Remember moneybutton.com is a third party licensed to perform this activity, you must follow their instructions and pay a fee for their services, all this is out of our control. BSV moneybutton.com fees are negligible (very low)

  22. Do you offer recurrent payment services?
  23. We deliberately cancel this option to make sure our investors are aware of their deposits and withdrawals from our domain, avoiding un¬desirable surprises.

  24. What is E-property Investment?
  25. It is the heart of the website, where the most part of the money is generated. After your money is deposited, it will be reflected in your box and you will have access to it in the E-property and Currency Investment screen sections, which we explain to you later. Using the property and product concept we avoid competing with cryptocurrencies given them more power and freedom, the same rationale applies to market and exchange concepts.

    E-property Investment screen shows three sections:

    1. For the market where you can buy and sell manually and/or automatically as well as simultaneously use both options.

    2. Real Estate investment section.

    3. Sending and Receiving section (free swaps and interchange among users). Can be used for payment in cryptoproperty only among users. Allows free capital movement worldwide.

  26. How does the Real Estates part works?
  27. Real Estate is different in many aspects.

    1. Takes several days for your money to be invested in an actual property or business.

    2. Returns once starts are stable in time and may fluctuate a little bit depending on market conditions and other situations as vacancies, rental rates, evictions, insurance among others.

    3. These returns are proportional to the initial amount invested by users respectively after cost were deducted.

    4. Money in this case is treated as a pool to acquire properties and businesses, which in return will credit investors passively in direct proportion to their initial investments.

  28. How does Send and Receive section works and what it does?
  29. This section gives the opportunity to investors to transfer cryptoproperty to each other totally free of charge. This may facilitate; free trans¬fers, payments and simple transfers of money to any user around the world.

    This works through an email send out of a code which is received by the beneficiary which use it to credit his account and debit the senders account. All this happens at light speed.

    Transfer of E-property is free among users. This is a totally free worldwide vehicle for moving capital!

  30. How about government and politicians concerns about client's protection and money laundering?
  31. We collaborate with any government institution in the fight of money laundering and illegal transactions. We use an automatic OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) screening tool which scan our system constantly in search for individuals or institutions reported as "illegal" or "special interest". We actualize our OFAC data base daily.

    Regarding consumer protection we provide an excellent excel table tool with all the transactions information in real time, available to all users. We have a business license to protect and respond to USA governing laws. Our records are public domain and like our investors we have a millisecond control of our finances in total. We know at any point in time how much money is in and out of house. We use license personnel to conduct business.

    One of the pillars of our company is to protect investors money.

  32. What is the use or utility of Partial Operations?
  33. This is design to give you a quick inside of the general functioning of the enterprise, its transaction volume and speed without disclosing business secrets or investors identities.

  34. Our properties section.
  35. This section shows pictures, locations, market value and legal information of the properties that belongs to the company only and the ones that are part of investors investments. The information will be clear and visible year-round.

    This is not a real estate listing service. It is for information only.

  36. What I do in Currency Investment section?
  37. It is where you decide what to do with your BSV. Whether to invest into E-property or real estate. When you realize profits as you always will because our system is unique in its functions and protection, you may also decide the amount you want to send back to your bank (to transfer out of our system, back to your original financial institutions) or either area of investment in our domain. Overtime you will decide which is the best place for your money.

    This section also offers you a clear view of how your investments are going at any given time.

  38. What is Our Property Section?
  39. This is not a Real Estate Listing Service or anything like it. This section is only to illustrate recent real estate acquisitions and general location for informational purposes only, not for sell, buy, leasing or listing. It is a tool to physically show our investors where their money is invested as part of a transparent process aim to demonstrate our commitment in performing business. Initially this section will be empty until we start our growing.

    For any Real Estate transaction, we will use Real Estate third party services. All gains and expenses will show in excel tables available to investors.

  40. Red Flags Deposition:
    1. We are a US base business with a License number and a US banking support (translates into money can be trace, recover and abiding to US law system as well as officials' control)

    2. Our License#: L17000103252 is public domain. (State of Florida).

    3. We use license and competent personnel to conduct legal business in US territories.

    4. It is true that most cases of E-property developments ends in scams but sanctions, blockage and negation of new ways of commerce attached to new forms or expression of technology by small businesses ("American Dream") pose a challenge to governments unwilling to practice what they preach. So, we will give a vote of confidence to our government and pursue the American Dream right here and now. We are in our best disposition to follow the law, pay taxes, fees, and services and make our country great for real and for all, not for few family's feud. In our minds every single individual has enormous value and is an economy engine.

    5. Your money is intended to be used primarily in our new E-property, crypto investment platform isolated from external contaminants, based in new economic principles, challenging the more than 500 years old model of scarcity and debt cycles schemes.

    6. We don't need thousands or hundreds of stocks for you to make money, we only need money-"The king Stock"- and a fair matrix platform where everyone is equal and there is not special interest or privilege persons with information manipulation, in an uneven game, etc.

    7. Your money will also be invested in Real Estate (mortar and bricks) also reco-verable and traceable.

    8. Money recovery is completely possible through third parties' services also authorized and license to operate in US territories. You will not be able to recover fees charged by these third parties services in the event you willingly or not withdraw your money at any time.

    9. We are a new company with a solid investment business plan and future expectations, "not a passing by scammers".

    10. Our security level will not be less than those offers by present technology at state level or banking institutions. We are private and will strive for the best possible service to our customers.

    11. We use our E-property as a "product" ("object" or property by concept) not as money. We let that heavy work of controlling and printing money to the feds, we need as much help as possible.

    12. Our objective is to expand an already existing product base trade system, not to use technology and uncontrolled greed to disrupt monetary systems around the world.

    13. Our website is a perfect isolated place where you can trade and make money. We place technology and software at your advantage in an unlimited way.

    14. We also offer free trade, automatic investment protection against lost. Artificial intelligence at your service not against you.

    15. How much you are going to make using our website? It is up to the market, a real free market with not contaminants, where you can go in and out whenever you want. We won't blame you for loses, we will protect you from them all the way through.

If you want to buy a house with crypto but are still confused, you can send us your queries using our contact screen and we will be happy to give you a detailed answer. We will update and rectify any inaccuracies or changes as well as updates as we go.


Welcome to invest in BSV Box

Follow this 'Invest BSV Box' screen to add BSV in your BSV Box.

After that, you will be ready to invest in the E-property and/or the Real Estate Investment.


Welcome to your E-property investment dashboard

Our 'E-property Investment' screen is your dashboard for the E-property.


Welcome to your Real Estate investment dashboard

Our 'Currency Investment' screen is your dashboard for the Real Estate Investment.


Excel files to manage your accounts

This functionality will be found at the bottom of every screen. This will assist you with an accurate information and control of your daily and monthly investments and earnings.

Also a very useful tool for accountability and IRS tax reports.