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Whether Bitcoin can be called a currency or a legal tender is still debatable. However, it can buy you products/services just like an official legal tender in most of the countries across the globe.

Whether you're tech-savvy or not, "cryptocurrency" and "Bitcoin" are terms you should be aware of. Recently, this blockchain-based technology has been making headlines due to the substantial increase in prices.

Transactions based on Bitcoin have already started taking place in the property market, and Estates Cryptoproperty is one of the few firms facilitating them. The sellers can put their properties up for sale and connect with buyers interested in paying through Bitcoin.

So, if an individual wants to buy real estate with crypto, they will have to select an e-wallet to store the money. Bitcoins can be purchased either from individuals directly from exchanges or via cryptocurrency exchanges.

The bottom line is, Bitcoin is still new in the market. However, it's quickly gaining popularity. However, it isn't mainstream enough to draw a large number of buyers who can be offered sales just in Bitcoin. While it may be added as an alternative mode of payment, how many would select it over the conventional payment methods is a question that still needs to be answered.

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