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This is basically an investment opportunity suppor­ted entirely by a new cryptoproperty economy concept which incorporates a lot from previous cryptocurrencies markets performance and present trends without their flows, outperforming markets like Bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies together, NYSE, all exchange markets and even FOREX.

Frankly it is not our intention to disclose business strategies and performance which took us effort, library hours, extensive research and trials. This initial work is the result of continuous struggle for more than three years of software development in order to build something genuine from scratch.

We did not have any one to follow, copy ideas from, partial business model guides or anything like it. We took what was excellent and perfected, change what was not working and create something superior a new investment product.

Our model uses three variables and invest in one industry at present time. These variables are money, cryptoproperty and free market, the industry we select for initial investment is real estate. We believe that money has all the attributes to be "the stock of choice" and since it can not be utilize directly as such, Estates Cryptoproperty, Corp.(ECP) is the enhancer digital bridge to make a perfect and authentic Free Market.

Real Estate is usually a back bone of any industrialize country, so among other advantages it has, we consider this a historical and sound choice for secondary or parallel investments. This will improve all properties of the four worlds, given investors the best possible scenario for their growth, rather than adding value by shortage or limiting growth, currency fluctuating value etc.

Like any other startup we face lack of financial opportunities and credibility as well as real support. This is the reason why 98% of small businesses die before they are even born and the rest 2% that survives cannot sustain themselves for more than 10 years, not mention the fact that final survivors get swallow by bigger enterprises. This reality was not a good reason for surrender our dreams or quit but to create something better for everyone.

We realized that something must be done, not only for our own sake and survival but for millions of Mom-and-Pop's businesses struggling to survive on daily basis which are beaten to their core just to meet their basic interest payments every month, that is why we are here today and you are not reading this by chance.

We intend to perform better and will prove it. Far from disruption, our aim is to a better economic development.

Our business is mathematically consistent. Our software in general and specifically our automatic investment tool processes protects investors from losing money. We truly believe in free market concept and a better money performance. We deliver all the time and render a truly free market.

Give ESTATES CRYPTOPROPERTY, Corp. a try, and we will be worth your time and money.

What We Do

We are a start-up company that has the ambition to stand apart from the rest in our competitive market. Here are a few ways in which Estates Cryptoproperty, Corp. sets itself apart:
  • Honesty and transparency when conducting busi­ness, respect to our investors' money, assets, and well-being.
  • Learn to relinquish our deep core love for money and unlimited greed, placing the client first, because the money will follows any ways.
  • We guarantee 100% money back with not with­drawals restrictions, entering and leaving the market place at free will, depositing and withdrawing money freely. We are not res­ponsible for third party's payment systems involve in the process of depositing or with­drawing money from our site (you should check their policies as well.).
  • Flexible investment with not minimum or maximum (again you should check third parties involve in transactions and their regulations which may differ from ours).
  • We operate in real time, meaning the results you see is real and instantaneous. (except for real estate investments).
  • Zero tolerance with fraud schemes, sloppy performance, and financial negligence.
  • Any third parties we do business with should refrain from trying to commit fraud and/or deceive our investors, this action will risk their license, potentially face imprisonment or hefty fines.
  • We serve and stand at the side of our investors, providing as much protection to their assets as possible, and as permitted by law.
  • We will conduct business using a well-known set of standardized procedures in conjunction with the current market and legal resources available while abiding by market, real estate rules and commerce regulations.
  • We are an American company, operating in America with a legal frame work and license number (L7000103252 State of Florida:
  • We are located in the state of Florida and our records are public domain.
  • When conducting our business transactions, we will rectify any inaccuracies and always follow the law and regulations.
  • Positive returns of investment without the hass­les and cumbersome legal paperwork, permits, risk to capital invested, use of your personal and family time, working extensive hours in repairs, tenant demands, legal issues, long vacancies affecting rent prices, or increased expenses on rental properties, etc.
  • Backing your currency with the most reliable asset on the market, following precious metals and fossil fuels: U.S Improved Land.
  • We are new to the marketplace, but are supported by real estate agents, lawyers, and title com­panies with more than 15 years of experience in this sector.
Our ambition is to develop the best free market place in the world and take real estate business from a local to a global market. We promise; to support your investment with your properties, capital and assets, also cover the banking gap for investors interested in secondary passive income, investment properties, and business purchases. Our purpose is to expand the current real estate market, our economy and the BSV as the world trade currency. We are here for the long run and for a better America!

While we can reassure you again and again on the stability and security of our company, the bottom line is simple: "It is up to the corporation or company administration to set the standards on how much they will respect their clients and themselves". "It is not what we say but what we do." ...anyone who takes risks with us must be rewarded equivalent to their invested amount as market conditions permits...

Companies are not exempt from scams and/or fraud of all sorts. Nowadays even forming a company (a relatively simple task) can be an ordeal. Every legal step involved in a corporation start-up or formation has several scam variants; meaning you are not the only one at risk! On the other hand, some "legal" companies can become predatory to their clients and effects are more devastating to them than even the worst of scam attacks.

A few benefits and perks of using our Estate Cryptoproperty dynamic service:

Check FAQ and follow prompts when using E-property Market Place or secure yourself using automatic investment protection when check(both) automatic mode for buy and sell. You don't only iterate faster but will be protected from losing money. The "artificial intelligence" will serve your trade orders only when lock into profit.
  • Investment opportunities made simple to anyone interested.
  • Artificial intelligence protecting your investments, not competing against you.
  • Operations occurring in real time at maximum data base speed. (Estates Cryptoproperty Market Place only.).
  • Software serving investors security and interest only (we serve investors assets first over money or corporate gains!). Yes, we differ from 99.9 % of corporations out there. We mean what we do, not only what we slogan.
  • Free market model trade.
  • Money back guarantee 100%.
  • Positive cash flow that could progressively in­crease until your passive income surpasses your need to physically work yourself daily so you can use your time for other activities.
  • Full control of your invested amount at all times.
  • Preservation of principal capital invested and pro­fitable returns for the life of the investment.
  • Positive compound effect of automatic rein­vestment if client(s) opts for this feature.
  • Real Estate Investment Tax Haven Web.
  • Secure and efficient methods of investing capital without relying heavily on outside influences.
  • Total control of your capital from your smart phone or tablet while on the move or at the comfort of your own home.
  • We welcome all levels and classes of investors and will do our best to protect them all, especially those from our hard-working middle class and retirees; who are often the common targets for economic abuse and negligence.
  • We do not discriminate by cultural, religious, race, origin or economic level.
  • We don't do business with criminals, smugglers, traffickers, terrorists or enemies of democracy.

Draw backs or disadvantages for Real Estate Investments mitigation.

  • The high cost of initial investment and reasonable expected returns as well as time needed.
  • How to offset tax investment income into real estate market and defer taxation gains.
  • Do not expect rapid real time turn over of your investments as in electronic Estates Crypto­property Market Place.
  • There are legal procedures, mandatory waiting times, permits, etc.
  • The possibility of vacancies, maintenance, evic­tions, and legal matters of all sorts.
  • You will not possess a property title or full legal ownership of real estate assets.
  • Real Estate properties are treated as "a pool" as well as the money invested on them. Gains are proportional to the amount invested and risk level.
  • No guaranties of market performance.
  • Natural disasters or economic downturns that may affect prices on properties and businesses.
  • Cyber-attacks, data breaches, or company performance.
We will do our due diligence to mitigate this and any other negative factors, and perfect our work on a daily basis. It is important to understand the risks involved when investing. We will offer very positive outcomes, but you as an investor must evaluate the leaps you take to get the returns on your investments.